Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Question Friday—The Birthday Edition


Welcome to Friday, folks!  In today’s news, it’s my birthday; I’ve got one more year until I hit the big 50.  I’m wondering what sort of major life events I can chalk up in the next 365 days, to complete my list of Things Accomplished in the First Half Century of My Life.  I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey, just to see what’s going on.

Tonight, Brian and I will be going to dinner with my sister to celebrate (I haven’t decided where yet; any suggestions?).  I’m recovering from a drippy head cold, so Brian has already texted to see if I’m up to going out this evening.  I doped up on some nighttime medicine to sleep last night, so I think I am now sufficiently dried up to be seen in public.  I was hoping Billy would be able to join us, but turns out he beat me in the finding a job department.  He used to be a server at Zio’s (if they’re near you, check them out; they’re pretty yummy!) before he went to California, and he’s returning to work there, starting today.  He’s not thrilled with the idea, but at least he recognizes the importance of bringing in an income.  I wish the timing could’ve been better, but employment is more critical than a birthday dinner.

But, the very next thing on the agenda is this week’s round of Five Question Friday, hosted, as always, by Mama M.  Okay, so it’s not exactly earth shattering, or waiting to be marked off of any kind of list, but life should also be filled with the simple things that are just sort of fun, right?  Right.  So let’s see what we can find out today.

five question friday

1. What's the one thing you buy every time you walk into the store?

Well, I’ve thought and thought, but I really don’t think there’s anything. I’ll admit that I don’t mind strolling around a big mall every now and again just to browse, but I’m not really all that much of a shopper, and not any sort of trinket that I simply can’t pass by, or anything that I’m so addicted to that I never leave a shop without it. 

2. If you had a day all to yourself how would you spend it?

I actually have a bunch of days all to myself pretty routinely, and it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.  But, if you mean a whole day with literally no responsibilities to do whatever I wanted . . . I might see if I could find a spa for a massage, walk around a pretty park to take some pictures, have lunch at my favorite restaurant, and make sure I left time for a nap.

3. Are you a speed limit driver? If not, over or under?

As long as we’re off the record, I’ll admit that I’m usually going 3-5 miles over the limit when I’m on my local highways.  I do try to stay at the limit on city streets, though sometimes the limit is just ridiculous for the area, and I still go a little fast.  But I tend to drive the limit religiously if I’m in unfamiliar places. 

4. What's your favorite dessert to make, homemade or from a mix?

I’m not really much of a dessert maker cook, but I’m awfully fond of Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Apple Pie.  Years ago, my friend Gary told me how much better they are if you sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top for the last 10-15 minutes, and he was right.  I’ve been doing it that way ever since.

5. Would you rather have a spider or a mouse scurry across your face (no copping out and saying "neither!!")?

Neither prospect fills me with warm thoughts, but I’d pick the mouse.  Spiders just really give me the heebie jeebies, and besides, some of them are poisonous.  At least mice are sort of cute.

So, having read back over this week’s queries, I’m not sure that too many secrets have been revealed.  I don’t particularly like to cook or shop, but if you’ve spent much time here, you probably knew that already.  But I did admit to mild speeding, and confess my preference for a rodent.  Hey, now that I think about it, I have always been awfully fond of Speedy Gonzales!  I guess you really never know what you’ll discover during 5QF.

What about you?  What questions might explain your childhood cartoon favorites?  Or tell us a little bit more about you?  You can leave your answers in the comments below.  (Mama M is on a getaway this weekend, which [I assume] is why there’s no blog hop code, but if you’re blogging along, you can still link up on her site; just be sure to let me know so I can go by and visit.)

Thanks for sharing your Friday with me, and have a good weekend, everybody.