Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Quite


If I may paraphrase for a moment, it’s not nice to be fooled by Mother Nature. 

You see, the day started off a little bit overcast, and the weather folk had given us a 20% chance of rain.  But I was fooled by that a few days ago, and it never came to pass.  In fact, the last day I thought we might get some rain was the day the state proceeded to catch on fire—about as wrong as you can be.  I didn’t intend to get tricked again.

But then, my Facebook feed had posts from folks all over our metro area talking about the rain they were getting.  And by late afternoon, the clouds here were darkening, and even dropped a few sprinkles while I was in town grabbing some groceries. 

Clouds 3










Clouds 1









Clouds 2









But, that’s as close as we got.   Enough humidity to choke a horse, but not enough rain to fill a thimble.  (Sorry for the mixed metaphors, but it was a little annoying.)  I don’t normally spend a lot of time wishing for rain, but, really, there were a lot of fires last weekend, and one of them was far too close for comfort.  We need a little relief from the dryness, and not just some scattered showers, but a long, gentle, soaking rain.  Yeah.  That sounds just about right.

So, Mother Nature, if you’re listening, I’m not trying to tell you your business, but pretty clouds just aren’t going to cut it much longer.  We need some rain.  Think you could help us out?