Friday, August 3, 2012

The Hottest Spot in America


Yep, that’s right: I’m living in the hottest place in the country today.  Well, okay, not specifically, but my state.  Oklahoma got the gold star for today at 114 degrees, though I’m pretty sure Norman only got to 111.  Between you and me, I’m not sure that I can tell the difference.

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, since I’ve been living here practically my whole life, but the heat seems to get worse as I get older.  Maybe it’s global warming, or maybe I’m just not nearly as tolerant in my old age, but either way, it’s not all that pleasant.

On the other hand, it makes our bird bath a pretty popular spot.

Bird Bath


The cardinals got first crack this morning, but the waiting squirrel didn’t have to wait long.

Bird Bath Squirrel

On the bright side, the weather folks tell us there’s some relief coming in just a few more days.  We’ve got a cool front moving through which should drop our temps to 100.   I’m looking forward to that, but I don’t think I’ll stop filling the bird bath just yet.

How’s August treating you where you are?