Thursday, August 9, 2012

Don’t Count Them Too Soon


I’m thinking this evening of sage advice concerning unhatched chickens.

Sometimes things just don’t go as you’d hoped they might.  TheDisappointment 8-9-12y don’t even go as you were absolutely certain that they would.  Sometimes, things just go as they damn well please, and your plans don’t even figure into the mix.  Welcome to life.

Still, I remain convinced that things happen for a reason.  When doors close—or even refuse to open to begin with—it’s only because we’re not in the right place just yet.  Something better is waiting further down the road, maybe even still hidden out of sight, but it’s waiting.  Our job is to keep moving until we get there.  I still believe that things always—always—work out as they should.  Today was just a reminder to not be too presumptuous in thinking I have already figured out how things should be.

Even so, there’s no denying that it’s hard sometimes.  When you’re ready for things to happen, ready for things to be a certain way, you don’t want to realize that it’s not yet time.  You don’t want to accept that there’s still more road to travel.  At least I don’t.  Sometimes I just want things to be easy.  But, moping around about things that didn’t work out as we wanted rarely never accomplishes anything, so it’s best to just keep moving.  Better still to learn whatever we can from our disappointments and be better prepared to recognize the right door when it finally comes along.

What have you learned from disappointments in your life?

                                                                                                            Image Credit:  sunsets_for_you photostream