Wednesday, August 8, 2012

D is for Dawn


“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”        ~Bern Williams

Daybreak 1
Is there anything that holds more promise than the dawning of a new day?  Coming from the pure dark of night and bringing such an array of colors with those first brushes of light, it seems that anything—all things—are possible. 

Daybreak 2

And, when the hinting is done, and the sun finally shows itself, the earth has done her part.  Now, it’s our turn, to take advantage of the blessing of another day, to make it the best that we possibly can.

Daybreak 3
And, for a musical interpretation of the theme, I give you Barry Manilow.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan, and part of the reason is the positive feeling I get from so much of his music.  Of course, I guess a certain amount of “feel good” is inherent in love songs, which are a large majority of Barry’s songs, but often times it’s bigger than that.  And I think “Daybreak” is a good example of that.  It’s like a love song to the world.

But it's daybreak, if you wanna believe
It can be daybreak, ain’t no time to grieve
Said it's daybreak, if you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world

Come on, even if you’re not a huge fan, I dare you to listen to the song without smiling and tapping your toes.  You just can’t be down in the dumps; it’s the magic of daybreak.  And the promise of dawn.

What promises are waiting to be fulfilled in your next new day?ABCW11


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