Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Did Last Summer


A year ago today, Brian and I were embarking on the trip of a lifetime: a 12 day Alaskan cruisetour.  Last July marked our 25th anniversary, and we decided that we deserved to splurge on ourselves.  Our excursion began in Fairbanks, and we would spend the next five days visiting several villages in the interior of The Last Frontier.  We saw animals in Denali National Park, almost saw Mt. McKinley completely free of clouds, rode a riverboat, and met some sled dogs.  And all of that was before we even boarded the ship.

Then, after spending a final landlubber night in Anchorage, we bussed to Whittier, AK to catch the Coral Princess, where we would spend the next seven days cruising southward and enjoying sights we had only barely imagined.  The glaciers were more spectacular than we could ever have dreamed.  It was amazing to see eagles in their natural habitat.  And the food onboard?  As yummy and abundant as everyone always says that it is. 

And, lastly, after those fabulous twelve days, we disembarked in Vancouver, British Columbia where we had one last extraordinary day.  We walked around the city, had a Tim Horton doughnut, and I even conquered my fear enough to take a breathtaking seaplane tour—an event that probably holds Brian’s top spot in great memories from the trip, and comes awfully close to mine, even though I was terrified for most of it.

If you’ve ever considered a visit to the 49th state, I encourage you to stop considering and start making plans.  It was absolutely beautiful, and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt closer to nature.  I can’t wait to go again.

Cruise Anniversary

What grand memories do you have of last summer?