Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Flashback


david soul 8-28-12

                                                               Image Credit: FamousWhy.com

I happened to see on the web that today is David Soul’s birthday.  Since I’ve often confessed my life-long love of television in general, and buddy shows in particular, it’s probably not much of a surprise that this tidbit of news caused of flood of memories of the 70s action show variety.

For those too young to recognize the name, Soul was one half of the acting duo that brought us the classic buddy cop show, Starsky & Hutch.  As Detective Ken Hutchinson, we watched him for four years alongside Paul Michael Glaser (Detective David Starsky) as they policed the streets of Bay City, California, busting bad guys, flirting with pretty girls, and having far more car chases than would be considered politically correct today. 

It was a different time back then, and if you happen to watch the episodes now, I can’t say they don’t feel a little dated, but, man, I loved that show.  I still pop in a DVD now and again just to relive the glory days of buddy shows.  I think Netflix has the discs available, if you feel like seeing what TV was like in the good old days. 

But, back to David Soul.  He’s 69 today.  Wow.  The last time I saw him was in a cameo at the end of the feature film reboot (nothing at all like the original series, but amusing in its own right), so I get that he’s aging.  But I realized today he was born the same year as my mother; I never realized that when I was a kid—never felt like I was crushing on an someone old enough to be my parent.  He was just cool.  That was enough for me then—and now. 

So, happy birthday to one of the fond memories of my youth, with wishes for many more to come.

Any celebrities or TV shows that bring back good memories for you?