Monday, August 27, 2012

Snapshot Sunday #4


When I began Snapshot Sunday, the plan was to try it out for the month of August, and then decide if it would be continued.  Well, the jury is still out on whether it will be continued for the long term, but there will definitely be at least one more installment next week.  Why?  Because there’s almost a full week of August daily photos left to snap, so there’ll be at least one more Sunday round up of those pictures.

As for photo a day, the jury is also still out on whether I will continue participating after this month.  As I’ve said many times, I really do enjoy it, but I am currently days behind on posting my photos.  They’ve all been taken, and even edited (well, today’s pic is still unreviewed, but it has at least been taken), but then I didn’t do anything else with them.  I don’t want it to get to the point where picture taking feels like just one more task to mark off a list every day, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  For now, though, let’s see what last week held . . .

19.  Hole

  Prompt:  Hole.  I’ve had this set of kitchen knives for probably close to twenty years.  Sometime in the past few months, one of the steak knives disappeared, so now there’s a single unfilled hole, mocking me every day.

20.  Today



  Prompt:  Today.  First official day of the semester, devoted to my online courses, including political science.



21.  Cool



  Prompt:  Cool.  Pineapple island breeze slush from Sonic.  Sort of like a virgin piña colada, though light on the coconut.  But it’s icy and cool, and plenty tasty.



22.  Home



  Prompt:  Home.  The view from my driveway on a warm, sunny evening. 




23.  Pair


  Prompt:  Pair.  A pair of taillights in front of me while I sit in traffic heading home after class.


24.  Path



  Prompt:  Path.  In my yard, the path leading to our shed.




25.  Fresh



  Prompt:  Fresh.  Freshly baked bread we had with lunch Saturday, at Saltgrass Steakhouse.



So that’s the daily prompts this week; what else was going on this week?  Well, in truth, not much.

There were some clouds I thought looked pretty cool . . .

Clouds Collage





These were from several different days, including Saturday, when we did get a nice big rain during the night.












Brian and I had to spend a bit of time working on Billy’s car . . .

Work on car



  In truth, my role was mostly that of light-holder and tool-grabber, but I was still spent several hours out in the 90° heat (with humidity of at least 90% to boot), leaning over a dirty car, so I’m taking credit for it!









Of course, there were plenty of visits from feathered friends . . .

Bird join the party 

I think Brian has finally succeeded in keeping the squirrels off the feeder, but they sure are scratching up that pole trying their little hearts out anyway!  But now there’s plenty of food available for the birds to have a party.






   The cardinals usually get the place to themselves, because they run everybody else off.

And, yesterday, the day the world lost Neil Armstrong, you know I had to take a picture of the moon, even if I didn’t really have the right lens for the job . . .

My Moon

And that’s about it, my week in pictures.  Feel free to tell me a bit about your week, too, won’t you?