31 Days

For the month of October, I'm linking up with 31 Days, 2012, hosted at Nesting Place.  It's a month long challenge dedicated to writing each day, with posts about a single topic.  For the most part, daily blogging is becoming easier for me (though I'm not perfect), but the idea of writing about the same thing for 31 days straight is daunting.  But nothing keeps writing fun more than stretching beyond your comfort zone a bit, right?  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

But I don't want to get too far outside my comfort zone.  So, for my chosen topic, I'll be writing about my lifelong passion: television.  It's a pretty big umbrella, which can cover everything from episode recaps and reviews to scheduling nightmares and stunt casting.  Even I don't know exactly what might show up on these pages this month, so I guess we'll find out together.  

By the way, there are over a thousand bloggers taking part in the challenge this year, and there's still time to link up, if you want to play along.  Also, with that many writers, I'm sure you can imagine the wide variety of topics being covered this month--something for everybody.  Take a look; I bet you'll find something you like. 

So, here we go, a full month of my obsession with the wonder that is television.  Check back every day, won't you?

Day 1:    October Challenges
Day 2:    It All Began with the Voyages
Day 3:    L is for Les Misérables
Day 4:    From the Page to the Screen
Day 5:    Smile, It's a PSA!
Day 6:    Six Word Plan
Day 7:    Hero of the Hour
Day 8:    Report or Make the News? The Blurring Line
Day 9:    Lessons Learned
Day 10:  M is for My Favorite Martian    
Day 11:  Four-Legged Friends (Mostly)
Day 12:  Bring On November 7
Day 13:  Six World Rivalry
Day 14:  Go On--My Thoughts
Day 15:  Love and the Television Comedy
Day 16:  How Does it All Begin?
Day 17:  N is for Nimoy, Not Spock
Day 18:  Simple Pleasures
Day 19:  One Thing Leads to Another
Day 20:  Six Word Collapse
Day 21:  Snapshot Sunday #11
Day 22:  The Missiles of October
Day 23:  The New-Fangled TV
Day 24:  O is for Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
Day 25:  And Now a Word From Our Sponsors
Day 26:  We Don't Need No Education
Day 27:  Six Word To-Do List
Day 28:  Snapshot Sunday #12, with a Side of Sports
Day 29:  Sandy
Day 30:  The Show Must Go On
Day 31:  P is for Pumpkin