Monday, July 28, 2014



Maybe we’re finally getting closer to having a national law allowing medical marijuana.  Thank goodness. 

Not that I’m a pothead or anything, you know, just that I think our society has a whole bunch more important things to focus on than prosecuting—and persecuting—folks self-medicating with a little weed.  And, honestly, I’d be okay with recreational legalization, too, because I just haven’t yet found anything that convinces me that marijuana is significantly worse than the country’s drug of choice, alcohol. 

But let’s take the recreational aspect out of it for a minute.  Seriously, what can be the harm of medicinal access?  Our pharmacies shell out far more dangerous substances every hour of every day under the banner of “medicine”, so surely there can’t really be that much of a health risk.  And gateway drugs and all?  Honestly, I’m not sure I entirely buy it.  But with legalization will also come more regulation, and undoubtedly more availability of help for anyone who finds themselves addicted to any drug, which means eventually, we might actually reduce the numbers of users.  Maybe.

But really, I think all you have to do is think about all the people who actually stand to benefit from this change.  Who are we—any of us—to tell the sick and/or dying that they aren’t allowed access to a treatment that could end their suffering?  Can we really be so wrapped up in the terrible things that might happen that we ignore the great things that we know will happen?  An end to even one person’s suffering has to be worth the risks in legalizing.  That’s what I’d think if it was my mom, or grandmother, or son who needed access to this treatment, and it’s still what I think if it’s your loved one. This is an easy choice; I’m hoping we’re ready to make the right one.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Choosing a Path


I know I mentioned a week or so ago that I’ve become an independent ambassador for Plexus products, and that I did that so that I could save some money on my monthly product purchase.  I really had no intention of trying to sell the product, for a variety of reasons.  But in the past few days, I find myself wondering if maybe that’s the wrong decision.

Like a good many people, I have an inherent skepticism when it comes to any sort of network marketing plan, even when I personally believe in the product.  But, I’ve seen so many people—people I actually know, not random strangers—who have benefitted both physically and financially from Plexus, and I find myself wondering if I should just take a deep breath and jump in.

On the other hand, MLM concerns aside, I also know that I’ve been dissatisfied at work lately, and have been hoping and praying for an alternative.  Sure, this could be an answer to a prayer, or it could just be me desperately grasping at straws.  I have never been a fan of running away from something rather than running to something; it just seems to me that is simply asking for trouble.   Of course, I wouldn’t be looking to just up and abandon an actual paycheck to chase potential income, but if I could generate a little extra cash every month, I think that might take a lot of stress out of the actual job situation, if I didn’t feel like leaving was absolutely out of the question. 

It’s just a lot to consider, especially when we’re seriously looking at a five year retirement plan, so this is not a spectacular time to be making a lot of changes in our financial situation.  So I know it won’t be a decision to be entered into easily, whether I pursue the opportunity or leave it behind.  I only hope that I won’t regret whichever choice I make.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Flying Pickle


The jury may still be out on my writing abilities—I rate the merits higher or lower depending upon the day.  However, one look at this, and you’ll see there’s no doubt that painting is not my forte.
















But, we had a good time, and raised a little money for a good cause.  And regardless of the reason, or the end result, a girls’ afternoon is always a reason to celebrate.


Feel Good Friday, July 25


At the end of a very long and stressful week, I know I need just a minute of feel good.  If you do, too, take a minute to watch this video.

Not only do I love the message, but I especially love that it’s trying to get kids to spread the message.  I’ve reached the point in my life that I’ve begun to believe that it may be too late for many of the “adult” generation to learn the simple truth that we are all—every single creature on this planet—dependent upon each other for survival, and we should be coming together to find ways to share this world and celebrate the differences that make the world exciting.  Instead, we focus on those differences as a bad thing, and we’re slowly tearing our world apart, through both hatred and a scramble to be the first to claim and control some of the limited natural resources we have  at our disposal. 

And if it’s too late for the adults to recognize these things and try to do something positive in the world, then I worry about who’s going to teach the next generation how wrong this approach is, and I despair that we’ll find ourselves on a never-ending downward path.   So, when there’s an initiative that wants to use children to share a positive message about the inter-connectedness of the planet, I’m all for it. 

By the way, if you want to get your own young people—whether they’re your kids, students, church group, whatever—drop by the We Are All Connected site, and learn how to make your own video.  Who knows, maybe even some of the not-so-young people will prove that it’s not too late, and want to get involved, too.  Let’s follow the lead of the kids.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Old Woman in the Making


Oops. I hate when I open up my computer and find last night’s post never published.  I’d say the change in me is that I’m getting old and forgetful, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgetful for longer than I’ve been old!  Oh, well, better late than never, right?

I visited the imagination prompt again today, and it suggested I write about how I’ve changed recently, so I’m giving that some thought.

First, as I’ve discussed, I’ve got some physiological changes going on that have also reached out to create some changes mentally and emotionally, but I’m not sure that’s what the prompt was talking about.  And, I’m hoping those changes are temporary!

And, while I think I’ve gained some wisdom and compassion over the years, I like to believe that’s mostly been an increase in characteristics I already possessed. 

But one thing I do notice has changed as I’ve gotten older—and not for the better—is my patience level.  I find that with each passing year, I become more easily aggravated with any number of things.  So far, my behavior hasn’t changed much in relation to my increased aggravation/impatience, so I find that that I’m a little more stressed from having that increased aggravation inside, which is kind of a bummer. 

Anyway, I know that I don’t want to become some sort of cranky old woman as the years go by, so I guess I’m going to have to really start paying attention to this now, and trying to figure out how to regain some of my earlier abilities to simply let things slide.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday, July 23


Well, the scale and the tape measure are still moving in the right direction.  Down about a pound and a half and another inch.  Not to be too totally gross (and TMI), but pretty soon I’ll have lost a full belly roll!

I’ve fallen a little behind on my planking, at least from the standpoint of staying daily, but I’m still on track for duration.  Right on schedule with a minute, 15 seconds yesterday, so I’m hoping I can tack on the extra five seconds tonight.  The goal is to be able to hold a two minute plank by the end of the month, but that is only one week away, and I have to say that it’s still feeling way out of reach.  But I’ll never know if I don’t try, so try I will. 

I also need to put a big focus on the whole emotional eating problem.  My work has been a huge stressor lately—to the point that I think it’s about time to dust off the resume—but that’s been sending me home the last couple of nights heading straight to the fridge.  I really have got to do something about that, and more quickly than finding a new job.





60 second plank



62 second plank






36 minutes treadmill



44 minutes treadmill, 30 second plank



45 second plank



75 second plank

Farewell, James Garner



 This past weekend, the acting community lost another great one. 

  James Garner played a variety of roles during his career—moving easily from television to film and back again as time rolled along—but this picture shows him in my favorite role, that of Jim Rockford.  That cheeky grin and his sardonic attitude entertained me for a long time.

  At some point during my childhood, spurred on by my enjoyment of the Rockford Files, I started watching Maverick reruns, and found yet another reason to enjoy Garner’s work. 

Like many people, I was drawn in by Garner’s easy charm.  He wasn’t your typical leading man, smooth and polished, but he definitely still had rugged good looks and that elusive “star quality”.  For myself, it probably didn’t hurt that I always thought he looked a lot like my daddy.  I mean, not “looked like” in the sense that people confused my dad for Garner or anything, just that they shared a similar stature and had that same sort of outdoorsy, man’s man type of a persona.

And, to top it all off, he’s from my home town.  Garner hailed from my very own Norman, OK, and like most people, I really enjoy seeing a hometown boy make good, even if that good got made long before I was alive.  It’s like sharing a little something with a stranger you’ll never meet, and it’s kind of cool.  A few years ago, the town put up a statue honoring Garner and his iconic Maverick character; since his passing, its turned into something of a shrine. 


It’s a nice tribute to the man, a way of showing that his hometown still loves him, that we’re grateful for what he gave us, and that his talent will be missed.