Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Pleasures (June Photos, Day 10)


10.  Best bit of your weekend

The best bit of your weekend, that was the prompt for today.  I thought for a photo challenge that prefers the picture entry actually be taken on the same date, this topic was a little presumptuous.  I mean, what if the best part of your weekend was sleeping in on Saturday morning?  Or a really hot party on Friday night?  I thought people playing along with the challenge ought to be trying to make darn sure the best part of their weekend happened sometime on Sunday, and that’s a lot of pressure.

And, as it turns out, I’ve had a pretty cool weekend, which, for a middle-aged woman like myself, is certainly not always the case.  But there was a concert on Friday night, lunch and one-on-one time with my best friend on Saturday, and then picking up my husband on Saturday evening.  I figured Sunday better get its act in gear if it wanted to compare. 

But fate was on my side.

As it turns out, my son had returned from California late Thursday night, and is back at home until he can get his own place again.  I am truly sorry that things did not work out for him as he’d hoped, but as I said before, I was sorry to see him go, so I’m also glad he’s home.  Anyway, he’s home, hubby is home, and I’m home.  Put it all together, and it could only mean family dinner.  

It’s not particularly exciting, I know—a family gathering around a dining table.  And I also know there’s nothing particularly spectacular about the photo, especially since we were dressed for eating, not photographing.  Plus, we were all hot.  Brian had been manning the grill, and Billy and I had to do some impromptu furniture moving out on the porch (where his big stuff is currently stored) because one of the kittens had gotten a claw stuck into the lining of his couch and I couldn’t get it unstuck without moving everything around.   It’s always something. 

But, so what if it’s just some grilled steaks eaten inside to avoid the heat?  And so what if we look like a family comfortable at home instead of a group of models at a photo shoot?  This was our first family meal in a month, and it was definitely the best part of my weekend.

I hope you had a weekend as fun-filled as mine.  Anything really memorable happen for you?


  1. pleased you had a nice weekend

    your son is called Billy? So is my eldest son. Is your Billy or actually William? Mine is actually although no one calls him that and he doesnt like William at all. His father was very domineering however when I knew I was having a boy (while I was still preggy) I started calling him Billy and it stuck.

    so nice yours is home for a while :)

    1. He's actually a William, but has never been called that. I figure at some point, he might start using Bill (that's what my dad did), but so far, he's fine with Billy. I had an uncle who is actually a Billy, and my husband said if we were going to *call* him that, we ought to just *name* him that, but it's always seemed a little too countrified to me as an actual name rather than a nickname.