Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Photos, Day 19—Imperfect


19.  Imperfect

This was one of the easier prompts.  I mean, there’s really nothing perfect in the world, so the idea of finding something imperfect to shoot didn’t seem too daunting.  There are things about me that would do—physical aspects that need work, behaviors that make folks crazy, personality traits that some would label downright annoying.  Things around my house, from my dusty shelves to the way I don’t quite make the bed, or the light switch that needs changing.   Lots and lots to choose from.

But all of that seems pretty blasé when you consider the fact that I have place set aside in my home specifically to honor imperfection, and how many people can say that?  It’s true.  In my scrapbook room—which I no longer use, incidentally, though I miss it—is a bulletin board to honor those imperfect moments.  You know, a picture that really wasn’t any good to begin with.  Or a photo you wanted to crop, but once it was done just didn’t look the way you’d envisioned.   Anyone who’s ever done any sort of craft type project knows the feeling.  It’s perfect in your mind, not so much in reality.  So, you can trash them and pretend they never existed, or you can stick them up on the board that recognizes that nothing is perfect and celebrates the shortcomings.  I choose the latter.  And if I ever get back to scrapbooking again, we’ll see just how quickly my board fills up.

Do you prefer to hide your imperfections in a corner?  Or be loud and proud about the little faults that make you unique?


  1. wow!!!!!! what an inspiration post
    I really like the fact that are proud and courageous enough to have a board like that
    I myself know that feeling you describe about mucked up craft projects I tend to bin them in frustration LOL

    1. Well, I've had some that I've tossed aside in disgust for sure, but sometime back in the day this board was born, and it's really much more fun that way. To look back and say "what was I thinking?" can be pretty instructional and liberating. ;-)