Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Does Yellow Feel? (June Photos, Day 15)


The photo prompt today was yellow.  Seems simple enough.  Really, I thought I’d just stroll around the neighborhood somewhere and find some sort of yellow flower or another—easy enough to do in Oklahoma summertime.  But, while I didn’t look too much at the earlier entries (I don’t like to browse around until I’ve done my own photo), I did see that lots of flowers were coming across the wire.   Seeing as how there are quite a few professional photographers playing along with the photo a day, I figured their flowers would be better than mine, anyway, so why  not find something else to shoot?

The thing about yellow, though, is that it has such a bright and happy feel to it, flowers just seemed so perfect. 

But, if I may digress for just a moment . . . As I just mentioned, I think yellow is a happy color.  I don’t think I’m alone in that thinking, either.  After all, it’s the color of the sun; what’s not happy about that?  But, in an episode of Big Bang Theory (I’m addicted to that show), Sheldon once stated yellow is frightened.  Now, if you’re not familiar with BBT, I’ll just tell you that Sheldon is just about crazy, but he’s usually not wrong about things.  Well, he’s not wrong about facts; he’s often wrong about things in general.  At any rate, frightened?  Yellow?  I just don’t see it.  Though I can no longer think about being lonely without thinking of being orange.  If that makes no sense to you, this will help you piece it together:


Anyway, back to the pictures and how to choose a yellow item . . . My mom was a big fan of yellow, because she believed it was an energetic and lively color.  Very positive.  I think that’s probably why I immediately thought of flowers—full of life and positive energy.  And while I’m on the subject, how about a quick pic of my mom?  And a flower.218719_1677487827613_7190423_o                                My mom, with me in the background.  Mendocino, CA, 1991

Okay, I’m done digressing now.  The end result is, I decided against flowers.  As I often do, I took several pics of yellow things throughout the day, before finally deciding on something from the produce section at Target.

15.  Yellow

 Now, I’m not a fan of peppers for eating, but these sure are colorful.  (They had some red and orange ones, too; I should’ve taken a pic of all of them together.)  I wanted to rearrange them a little bit into a better organization, especially the one with the sticker on it.  I really wanted to turn it around so it didn’t mar the beauty of the photo.  But, I was already getting some weird looks for taking pictures of the veggies; I figured it would be best not to start handling them all and putting the food into poses.

And, even though these aren’t flowers, they are growing things (or at least, they were), and I still think they’re full of energy, and very happy. 

Sheldon can just suck it.

What emotions go with colors for you?


  1. Sheldon is pretty cool
    however Id say depression is black

    I like peppers and I like your photo :)

    1. Yeah, I think black is much more depressing than blue; I don't know how such a pretty color got tagged with the sad/depressed label. But then, I don't know who makes a lot of these kind of rules.