Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Father’s Day in the Bag (June Photos, Day 17)


17.  In Your Bag

I suppose, technically, this isn’t what’s in my bag, because this is my husband’s Father’s Day present, so I guess really it’s his bag.  But, I took the photo before I gave it to him, so I’m voting that’s close enough to count.

Anyway, Father’s Day is a pretty low-key affair around our house.  Especially this year, with Billy back home but still pretty distant, and Brian worried about his own dad.  It doesn’t seem that there’s really all that much to celebrate. 

But, as far as I’m concerned, being a parent is just about the most important thing a person is ever going to do, so it certainly needs to be commemorated.  So, Brian got a book and a new wallet that he’d been wanting.  He also got a bit of time to sit by the pool and read in peace, as well as take a relaxing swim.  And, he watched some golf and some basketball.  Like I said, low-key, but I think it was a decent day.

As for me, I took a few extra minutes to think about my own dad, and to be grateful that he was part of my life.  I miss him.




           My dad, with his own father, the man we called Grandpa Joe.206250_1061041896850_3327482_n





 My family: my mom, sister, me, my dad. Oh, and our wonderful dogs.

Is Father’s Day a big thing around your household? Either with the father of your children or your own dad?  How do you celebrate?


  1. sounds like a nice Fathers day for Brian :)

    nice seeing a photo of when you were a girl too :)

    1. I like old photos, like little moments frozen in time. I can almost remember being that young!

      And, btw, do you ever have problems with your photo alignment? When I wrote/published this piece, my labels were in the right place, but I see now that the one for the family pic is all willy-nilly stuck somewhere else. grrr.

    2. sometimes I find it helps to look at a preview before publishing
      and then if necessary playing around a bit until the writing is in the right place
      checking with preview several times if necessary
      bit of a pain really