Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Photos, Day 18—Something We Don’t Know About You


This might sound a little strange for a blogger, seeing as how I sit here every day and tell my story to anyone passing by who might be interested enough to read it, but I’m sort of a private person.  There are lots of things most people don’t know about me.  And, really, that’s probably the way it will stay. 

I mean, I share a lot on my blog, or on Facebook, and—of course—with my family and friends in our relationships, but I certainly don’t share everything.  I’m mindful of my audience (or at least my potential audience) in all of those venues, even my personal relationships.  There are a few people who know me really well, but no one who knows me completely.  But I don’t think that’s any different than most people, regardless of whether or not they use today’s newfangled social media to keep in touch with the world; we’ve all still got our secrets.  And, honestly, I think that’s for the best.  Some things are best kept to oneself.

But, with a photo prompt encouraging sharing something unknown, there’s a lot to consider.  What can be shared that’s at least a little bit interesting, but not too personal?  What gives insight into your personality without revealing your deepest, darkest secrets?  And, on top of that, once you choose the piece of yourself to share, then you have to decide if you can you take a picture of it.  It’s a lot to consider, I tell you.

As is often the case, though, I ended up with a few ideas, so I’ll share them all here, starting with my official entry.

18.  Something We Don't Know About YouI’ve collected teddy bears as long as I can remember.  This one’s looking a bit raggedy these days, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.  Also, I had to dust this shelf before I could take a picture, but since I already told you about the fan, that probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

                                                                       things not known--pictures 



One of my secrets is that I’m not really a very good photographer; I take a half-dozen bad shots for every decent one.  At least.  Film just about drove me to bankruptcy!


things not known- fanfic



  Probably something that’s not too surprising about a blogger is that I have always loved to write.  I have also always loved TV, so it seems natural that those two things would come together in the form of fanfiction.  The hobby gets a bad rap quite often, but I think it’s a lot of fun and a good way to exercise creative urges.  Sadly, I have been away from it for quite some time, and I’ve been thinking I need to get back to it.



So, that’s a few things about me that you probably didn’t know.  Maybe they’re sort of interesting and maybe they’re not, but they are little pieces of my personality, all coming together to make a whole.

How about you?  What not-so-deep secrets can you share about yourself to give us a little bit of a glimpse into who you are?


  1. youre on FB?
    come and befriend me if you can/want

    cool teddy and gosh he looks well looked after I have my very first teddy packed away in a box I got him when I was a baby and he was almost as tall as me then. Hes 42 years old and falling apart

    I dont think Ive ever heard of fanfiction before
    would I be able to read any of your stories
    I LOVE reading and have always loved English as a subject

    1. Jen, I sent you a fb friend request.

      I don't think I have any of my *really* old teddies, but I wish I did; I've loved them forever. It's cool that you have your first one.

      Fanfiction is all about writing stories based on already created characters/situations, like TV shows, movies, books. The fandoms I write in are "Hardcastle and McCormick" and "White Collar", two shows with a similar premise, and I adore them both. My stories are posted online on a major ff site; if you're ever bored enough, you can find them here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/663765/cheride

    2. I accepted your friend request :)

      Fanfiction sounds interesting and I knew about it before
      read a bit of one of your stories and was impressed :)
      might have to look a bit more sometime

    3. Thanks. Like everything else, some of my stories are pretty good (you know, IMO), and some are pretty crappy. Sometimes I look back at the ones I think aren't so great and I can see where they could be better and I am *so* tempted to update them. But, that seems like cheating somehow, and it also seems unfair to the younger me. I mean, I was doing the best I could at the time, and I think it's not so bad a thing to let that work speak for who I was then.