Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Shortest Streak Ever


Happy Sunday, everyone.  Yes.  It is officially Sunday, even though I haven’t gone to bed on Saturday yet.  And, yes, I’m about to answer the Five Question Friday prompts.  Which officially puts my streak for posting this topic on the correct day at . . . one week.  I guess that wouldn’t be horrible if it was actually something I had to do for an entire week, so I would’ve accomplished on-time posting seven whole times.  But when it’s a weekly task, and you do it in a timely manner for one week, well . . . let’s face it, that means once.  Like I said, Shortest. Streak. Ever.

But, it is what it is.  I still want to play.  And, if it matters at all, I actually did jot down the answers to all but Q5 on Friday; I just never had the time to put it into a post.  Did I mention that I got to see Barry Manilow on Friday?  And to do that, had to make a couple hour drive out of town?  And that on Saturday, hubby returned from a week away and then we had to make the couple hour drive back home?  Anyway, point being, I was kind of busy the past couple of days.  I bet Mama M won’t mind that I’m a little late to the party.

But, let’s do get the party started.

five question friday

1.  Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did your parents do anything special for you?

No traditions as a kid or for my kid that I recall. I think maybe dinner out, though, honestly, for both me and my mom, I think that would fall under the heading of “any excuse”.

2. What's your favorite summer tradition with your children?

My child is grown now, (and not currently quite as much fun to be around as he used to be!), but when he was younger our traditions were pretty simple. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a pool in the yard of both houses he’s lived in, so afternoons in the sun were pretty standard.

3. What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid?

We almost always got to take a vacation somewhere, which is surely what started my love of travel. Also, sometimes, when my dad would get home from work in the evening, we’d pack a cooler of sandwiches and Cokes and head out to the lake for a picnic dinner and a short swim. I always loved that.

4. How old were you when you were married? Were you a Bridezilla?

I was just shy of 23 (which seemed old at the time, but, oh so young now!). And, no, not a Bridezilla. I’m a pretty laid back person, generally speaking, though weddings do present some challenges to that mindset. I remember being stressed, and obsessing about some things that others thought inconsequential, but I think that goes with the territory. I’m pretty sure my family and friends would agree with my assessment, and have no lingering resentment for anything I put them through.

5. What is your favorite girl name? (I'm needing suggestions.

This is the hardest one this week . . . so many to choose from.  When I was a girl, I always wished my name was Candy.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be happy with that choice now, though, but as a kid . . . oh, yeah; it would’ve been great.

I’m partial to traditional, though . . . Victoria, Catherine, maybe Elizabeth.  I’m also fond of the variations of Alex—Alexandra, Alexis, Alexandria.  I have never been a fan of “trendy” names, as I think it’s hard enough being a kid without having a weirdo name that no one has ever heard of, or that is more commonly associated with a weather pattern.  Also, speaking as someone who has a fairly common name with a fairly uncommon spelling, don’t set your kid up for spending their entire life either correcting people or getting name tags/certificates/invitations/whatever with an incorrect spelling. 

And that brings us to a close of another week’s questions.  Tell me in the comments your thoughts on these, or, better yet, put them in your own blog and add to the linky list.  Even if it is Sunday, I’m a big believer in the idea of “the more the merrier”. 


  1. 1. nope

    2. when my sis and I were growing up we had a pool in the backyard too :) With my own kids we tend to go to the public pools a fair bit in summer too and Ive been trying to get keys unsuccessfully to the school pool maybe this summer coming

    3. see above and sometimes wed go on holiday by a river and rough it - tenting for a week some times - very memorable holidays

    4. I was 20 which was actually probably too young now I think about it. I knew I shuldnt have gone though with it but as my parents had spent lots of money I didnt think I could say anything :( We lasted about 2 or 3 years

    5. My daughters name is Sarah and shes named after my great great great grandmother who came to New Zealand on Oct 3 1863 from England. Totally agree with you re trendy names

    1. Your schools sometimes let people have keys? Hope you can get that worked out.

      I like the name Sarah, too; I really do lean toward the traditional. (But not totally *old*; I wouldn't name a kid Mildred or something like that!)

      Thanks for playing along.

    2. yep the school lets people have keys over the summer holidays for a fee (quite cheap really when you think about it) we wont be having our summer holidays until December here in New Zealand :( Think of me and my cold hands as you enjoy your summer wont you :)

      LOL Mildred oh my lol

      its fun :)