Friday, June 1, 2012

June Photos, Day 1—Morning


Having successfully navigated the May photo challenge, I’m rolling right along into June.  But I have to admit that when I saw the first theme, I was just a little bit worried.  See, I’m not really much of a morning person.  I never have been, really, but for the last year or two of my working life, I was working a late shift, that typically didn’t get me home until at least one or two o’clock each morning.  Then I’d be awake another hour or so, winding down before heading to bed.  Since I’ve been out of work, my schedule hasn’t changed all that much, though I do make an effort to shut everything down no later than 1:00. (Really, my goal is 12:00, but it’s usually closer to 2:00, so I try to dial it down somewhere in the middle.)  At any rate, being a person who operates best on at least nine hours of sleep, morning is very often nearly over by the time I roll out of bed.

I thought about trying to get up really early, but finally decided I’d be up today by at least ten, since it’s a C25K day, and I have to get my workout in before it gets too hot.  Since anytime before noon is technically morning, I figured that would be good enough.

But, as fate would have it, Nature had other ideas, and woke me about seven.  Really, I should’ve thought about that even yesterday, as Nature is pretty predictable in that regard.  Usually I blindly go and take care of business then crawl right back under the covers.  Today I thought I might as well take a few extra minutes and see what the world is like at that time of day.  Turns out it’s actually quite nice and peaceful . . . brisk air, chirping birds, and filtered, beckoning sunlight all around.  Maybe I should start getting up that early every day.  But probably not.

1.  Morning


  1. good on you for doing June

    neat photo makes me wanna walk along that path

    1. Thanks; hope I can keep it up this month again.