Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching Up On the Weekend (June Photos, Day 29&30)


I didn’t find time to post yesterday, as we had a rare evening out.  We met up with the sisters/brothers-in-law at a local karaoke spot.  Before you get too excited, I’ll say that I did not sing, but both BILs did and one sister.  You know, it was loud, and some of the crowd was getting a bit loose by the end of the evening, but no one was rowdy, it was a nice night on the patio, and a good time was had by all.

So, first, yesterday’s photo:  soft.  29.  Soft

This is my Snuggie, one of the best gifts Brian ever gave me.  Of course, I haven’t needed it in a while, what with triple digit temperatures and all, but even in the heat of summer I sometimes pull it over my feet, so it rarely leaves my couch.  And, it is very definitely soft.

Today, my sister and I went to see Magic Mike.  Of course, the guys were nice to look at for a couple of hours, but I can’t say I recommend it for its actual cinematic merits.  Still, as a die-hard White Collar fan, I have to support its cast.  And, again, Matt Bomer is certainly easy on the eyes.

When I got home, Brian presented me with my anniversary present a few days early.  I’m always trying to take pictures of the birds in our yard, so he got me a feeder to try and attract them to a closer location.  After that, he grilled some hot dogs, and we sat outside for a while having a little picnic.  Billy even joined us.

Brian and my new bird feeder are the subject of today’s photo entry, “friend”.  He’s my day in/day out friend, and I’m lucky to have him.

30.  Friend

Unfortunately, that’s about where the weekend fun came to a screeching halt.  Another phone call from Philadelphia let us know that Pop has taken a sudden turn for the much, much worse.  Brian is flying back out early tomorrow morning, but the hospital staff is not certain his dad will make it through the night.  As before, he’s railing against the airlines for not having any flights out tonight, but that’s not something we can change.  He feels so useless, hundreds and hundreds of miles away, and I completely understand.  After all, I’m right here in the same household with him, and there’s nothing I can do to help, either.  I definitely understand useless.  All I can do is pray he gets there in time.

So that’s a wrap on the weekend, and it’s a wrap on the month.  Tomorrow begins July, and I’ll again be trying to keep up with Fat Mum Slim’s daily photo challenge.  I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with myself for keeping it up for two months; gonna try for the triple.  Won’t you play along?


  1. how nice an evening out :)with your family too :)
    I miss my sis she lives some 4 hours away by car
    which may not so far by American standards but with the cost of petrol etc I dont see her as much as Id like

    bless your hubby :)praying for you all especially his dad

    1. 4 hours away is quite a distance. My BFF is only about 2 or 2.5 from me, but I still don't get to see her nearly enough. And I just googled gas prices down there in NZ--- WOW! Looks like you guys are paying almost twice as much as we are! And I thought it was expensive here.

  2. I am going to play along too :)