Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Photos, Day 16—Out and About


I’m married to a car guy.  You know the type:  fascinated and excited by the things that many—myself included—view only as a utility.  I mean, I like to drive a decent car, and I suppose I even have a dream car.  It looks like this: 

                                                  Dream Car
But, for the record, if I can ever afford one of these babies (this model is pushing $70K), I am definitely shelling out the extra cash for the leaping cat ornament on the hood.  I mean, what’s the point of driving a Jag if you don’t have the recognizable status symbol leading the way? 

Anyway, yes, I have a dream car, but even if I win the lottery and buy this car next week, it’s still going to be the thing that gets me to and from the grocery store.  I’m still going to keep a plastic trash bag inside to toss my empty cups from Sonic, and I’ll still probably keep an assortment of jackets in the back seat.  Because even a seventy thousand dollar dream car is still a utility vehicle; it’s a necessary tool in my life, not an awe-inspiring object of affection.

But not so with my hubby.  He likes the way cars look (at least some of them), the way they sound, the way they work.  He thinks their engines are interesting, and is impressed with some of the newfangled gadgetry that goes into them.  Not because he wants all those bells and whistles, but because he thinks it’s neat that someone could design and build such a thing.  And as much as he likes nifty new cars, he really likes old cars.  And as much as he likes old cars in general, he really likes old Corvettes.  Well, to be honest, he likes new Corvettes, too, though maybe not quite as much.  He just really, really likes Corvettes. 

So it is that our Saturday running around today included the annual Corvette car show at our local Chevy dealership.  Brian likes to go there and drool over the pretty cars and dream about the day he’ll be able to have his own, though the truth is, he doesn’t really believe that day will ever come to pass.  I don’t know.  I haven’t given up yet that he’ll have his very own ‘Vette someday, though we really might have to win the lottery to make it happen.  Or go into debt for the next several generations.  But, still, I’m not giving up yet.  I really want him to be able to have his dream car.  After all, he’s a car guy.

What’s your dream car?  And are you lucky enough to be driving it?

16.  Out and About


  1. I like your dream car especially the colour

    I like old classic cars

    my father once brought an old bomb of a car and wanted to make it electric except but he never did he never did - he was an elcetrician

    1. It would be cool to make an electric car. Brian restored an old El Camino that had belonged to my dad; it's his pride and joy.

  2. I drive a SUV, but what I'd really like to drive is a small convertible Mustang. I'd like to drive it through the mountains on a sunny day. MMMMmmm.

    1. When I bought my first new car, I was *this* close to buying a Mustang. My dad--a confirmed Chevy man until his dying day--didn't even try to talk me out of it. Much. He and my mom did both try to tell me, though, that the commercials I'd seen making it seem that the Mustangs were part of the "special promotion" going on at the dealership were most likely misleading and a sports car was going to be out of my price range. Turns out they were right, and we ended up back at the Chevy lot and I got a sensible car with a sensible price tag.

      I'm a Honda girl now, and I'd really like to have one of their CRVs; I like those mid-size SUVs a lot, though they are not very cost effective for someone like me who has no real need for the space.