Monday, June 4, 2012

June Photos, Day 3—On Your Plate


3.  On Your Plate


Okay, let’s start with the naked truth:  I am not a very organized person.  And I’m not too proud to admit that sometimes that causes me to allow things to slip through the cracks.  Sometimes even important things.  (I have put every bill possible on automatic payment so I don’t wake up some morning to disconnected electricity or a foreclosure notice.)  But, with Brian back home with his family for an indeterminate length of time, some of the things that he normally deals with have temporarily become my responsibility.  And since I often get forgetful even about my own normal responsibilities, I thought a to-do list might be a good idea.  Not that I have an inordinate amount of things on my plate, but I’d say it’s still a 50-50 proposition that I get all of it done (heck, I almost forgot to water the trees today—on the very first day!), but at least it will help. 

What about you?  Are you a list-maker? A naturally organized mind?  Or flying by the seat of your pants?



  1. I am a list maker and like to be organised :)

    I really like your list

    1. I should work on making lists more often; maybe if this week works out, it'll be the beginning of an organized life for me. ;-)