Friday, June 22, 2012

June Photos, Day 22—From a High Angle


22.  From a High Angle

There’s not a whole lot to say about this photo, except that it’s a room in my house, taken from the staircase.  I used a fisheye lens, which is one of Brian’s favorites.  I’m not usually a big fan of the rounded look, but sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different.  And, as most of my pics, it was edited with PicMonkey.  I framed it with one of their new Sketchedy frames; I’m sort of liking those.  If you haven’t played with this free photo-editing site, I’d recommend taking a peek. 

Taking this photo did remind me that I need to give some serious thought to what additional lenses I might want/need for my collection.  When we purchased our DSLR camera last year, we chose the Sony because we could use the lenses from our old Minolta 35mm and save a bunch of money, but then we immediately had to buy this fisheye, because the 16mm we had no longer gave the effect Brian likes.  But now I just need to experiment with the lenses we have and see if there’s anything major missing that we should add.  Probably not; I think we’ve probably got most of the basics covered, which means I can just make a wish list of things that would be really fun toys.

Are there lenses and/or filter effects that you really enjoy in your photos?



  1. Ive been having computer problems again!! :(
    Im a the library doing a catch up at the moment

    I really like this shot:)
    the angle makes it a really interesting shot

    1. Thanks. Brian was looking through my trial shots and couldn't figure out why I was taking so many pics from our stairs and on our stairs!

      And sorry your computer is messed up again; they can be so danged annoying.