Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Right, Mr. DeMille . . . (June Photos, Day 4 )


4.  Close Up

  As usual, I snapped a bunch of different pics trying to find just the right look for today’s theme.  And while it’s unusual for me to prefer any photo of myself, that’s what I opted for today, just because I thought it was an interesting interpretation of the prompt. 

Of course, now that I see it here, I think I might should’ve tried some airbrushing on my skin, or something, but I guess that’s one of those lessons that’ll be filed away for next time.  I really do need to make a more concerted effort to take more random photos of myself; when I look back at my albums and such, sometimes it’s like I’m missing from my own life.


I ended up with a few other shots that were strong contenders today, but my best runner up was a pic of my mama cat, Sable.  She’s the only one of the cats that doesn’t (always) run away when I get too close, so I was able to get some pictures.  She’s a pretty girl.   And it’s possible I have more recent photos of her than of myself.

4.  Up Close

















Think about your photo albums. When your descendants look through those pages of your life, will they find many images of you?  Or are you the family photographer, always memorializing occasions, but rarely in front of the lens?  I think we shutterbugs need to focus on posing for a few more close-ups now and then. 


  1. maybe however I hate my photo being taken
    great shots :)

    1. I don't like it, either, but when you combine that dislike with the fact that I do usually have the camera in my hand, there really is a disproportionately low number of pics if me. Several people have commented on that over the years, but it's really become more apparent to me as I've been looking through old photos for my scanning project. I'm really trying to step outside my comfort zone and change that.