Sunday, July 28, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, July 28


Sad to report that I went through an entire week without taking a single picture.  I snapped a photo last Sunday of the meal I was eating for the “fave food” prompt for photo a day, and that’s the last time I picked up the camera.  (It was a yummy meal, though; take a look:) 


I think it’s likely that Mexican food is really my favorite, but a nice grilled steak comes in a very close second.  Yummm. 

Anyway, so I’ve ditched the daily photos yet again.  One of these days I’ll make it through an entire month; maybe I’ll try again in August, since at least two-thirds of that month I won’t be in school, so maybe things will be a little bit slower paced.

Anyway, then today I happened to look out my window and I saw a first-time bird visitor to the yard.  Not out at the feeder, just wandering around our driveway.  I snapped a few photos through the window, since I knew he’d run off as soon as I opened the door—which he did.

RoadRunner 7-28-13
We see roadrunners out and about along the highway sometimes, but I’ve never seen one in our yard.  I wish I could’ve gotten better pictures, but I still enjoy seeing someone new come for a visit.  I was sort of surprised the cats didn’t chase after him, but they were just laying there in the driveway, not paying him a bit of attention.

So that’s it for the shutterbugging this week, pretty slim pickin’s, I’d say, but there’s always next week.  That’s the great thing about the camera; it’s always willing to wait for me and be ready as soon as I give the word.