Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday, December 11


Another week, and another 1.5 pounds gone; yippee!  And that’s with one totally sick day and one before that when my body must’ve known what was coming, because all it wanted was rest.  Oh, and a couple of evenings sitting immobile for hours cramming for finals.  I will gladly take the pound and a half loss in those circumstances.

I did manage to squeeze in one trip to the gym this past week, and I hope now that I’m done with school I’ll find a little more time.   I still think maybe not until this weekend, since Friday I’ve got a paralegal club commitment, and tomorrow evening I hope to put up our Christmas tree, but after that, I’m hoping to find a bit of motivation to go along with the free time.  I still would like to lose a few more pounds before our vacation, so gotta start working it.

As a slight aside, there are stories floating about that Justin Bieber was approached by a fan at a hotel swimming pool.  She was in a bikini, and he supposedly commented that she looked like a beached whale and should go on Biggest Loser.  Now, I’m a long ways past my days of fascination with teeny bopper boys, so I don’t follow the Biebs except for whatever story is making the shocking headlines of the day, and, sadly, there seem to be quite a few for him.  I would hope that no one would be so cruel and heartless as to say such a thing to anyone, much less a total stranger, and some adoring fan on top of that.  But the unfortunate commentary on our society is that it wouldn’t surprise me if the story were really true.  We have been trained to put a premium on skinny girls, preferably with blonde hair and blue eyes.  And while I can admit that I am overweight, and there are myriad reasons why I should be smaller, I’d really rather not add into my thought process the fact that a great number of folks find my size repugnant.  I especially don’t like to consider the fact that no matter what I do, I will never be skinny, (though I know from experience I can get my weight down to a far healthier number), nor will I ever be blonde-haired and blue-eyed.  (Technically, I suppose I could dye my hair, and maybe get some colored contacts or something—can you change brown to blue?—but that’s not really the point.)  The point of this little diversion is that people need to stop judging other people.  Honestly, they need to stop judging for a lot of things, but they really need to let go of the idea that anyone not a perfect size zero ought to be the subject of ridicule.  Oh, and if Bieber really did say those things, well, he should be treated like the spoiled, childish brat that he apparently is. /slight aside.

And now, back to our regular programming, the other thing I’m  had intended to do to do with a bit of free time, was spend a few nights crawling into bed before midnight.  Apparently that trend won’t start tonight, but if I hurry, it’ll be really close.  Goodnight!












17 min treadmill, .85 miles; 22 minutes on exer-bike, 3.25 miles