Monday, December 9, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, December 8


I have pretty much done nothing all day, so why is it that I’m just now getting around to this?  Procrastination at its finest, I suppose.  And, technically, I suppose I didn’t do nothing; I did quite a bit of holiday shopping.  All online from the comfort of my couch, but shopping just the same.  There will be some evidence of that later on.  But for now, let’s take a look at the photos, shall we?

2.  Where I Stood

  Prompt:  Where I Stood.  It’s nowhere exciting, since I stand here every morning to brush my teeth, but I do like my fuzzy rug and my fuzzy slippers.

3.  Silver


  Prompt:  Silver.  Like I said last week, I think a lot of this month’s prompts were written with a holiday theme in mind, but there are other things going on this month besides Christmas.  And, anyway, I haven’t put up my decorations yet!

4.  Tiny


  Prompt:  Tiny.  This is one of my furry friends, Tiny.

5.  In the Cupboard


  Prompt:  In the Cupboard.  This is just some of the stuff in the cupboard that we’re going to give up almost entirely to install our new oven.  I hate to lose the storage space, but I am looking forward to a new appliance.

6.  Shadow


  Prompt:  Shadow.  It occurred to me as I was taking this picture that I might have taken it before.  I know we’ve had a shadow prompt before, and I know I think this is sort of a cool shadow, so it could well be a duplicate.  Oh, well.

7.  6 O'Clock


  Prompt:  6 O’Clock.  Well, you know the drill:  A time prompt is almost certainly never going to be captured at the AM hour.  And at 6:00PM, I was at Papa Murphy’s getting dinner.  By the way, I tried their new pan pizza, and it was yummy.

8.  I Shop Here

  Prompt:  I Shop Here.  Told you we’d get around to my shopping spree.  Like most everyone, I shop at Amazon for a lot of stuff (though they let me down on a pair of shoes I wanted to order today, but that’s sort of beside the point).  Anyway, a while back I got an email introducing Amazon Smile.  When you shop at that particular site, a small portion of your shopping gets funneled into a worthy cause of your choice.  I’m not entirely sure how it works, as Amazon was quick to point out that selection and pricing remains the same as at their flagship site, and from the item comparisons I made, it seems that’s correct.  Still, however it works, I’m willing to go to slightly different site to somehow cause a donation, no matter how small.

And that’s it for this first full week back to the photo a day challenge.  I was glad I managed to keep up at least these first few days; we’ll see how the rest of the month goes as things really start getting hectic. 

I am off to bed now; pleasant dreams to you all and a good Monday, too.