Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No TV Tuesday



On this Tube Day Tuesday, I have two things to say.  The first is that I heard on the radio this morning that today was the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  This really annoyed me, because I thought if only TPTB had waited one measly week longer, they could have aired this wonderful classic with a great build up of the awesome anniversary, plus had the added benefit of being appropriately shown after Thanksgiving.  Well, a quick check of sources say that the radio DJ was incorrect; Rudolph seems to have premiered on December 6, 1964, which not only makes today the wrong date, but also only 49 years ago.  But I’m still annoyed the network didn’t wait to air it. 

The second thing is that I have made the conscious decision not to watch any TV today.  And probably not tomorrow, either.  Why?  Because I’m tired.  It’s almost 10:30 as I sit here writing this; I’ve been home less than an hour, scarfed down some dinner, and still need to do a little homework.  And tonight isn’t really unusual; this is pretty close to my normal schedule.  So, even if I only watch one program every night, that still pushes things out at least another 45 minutes to an hour before I’m in bed, and usually I try to watch at least one program plus the news, so that’s closer to an hour and a half. You can see why I’m rarely in bed before midnight.  And if there’s more homework than normal, or more than one show that I really want to see right away, it can be as late as 1:00 or even 2:00 before I call it a night.

But tonight, I’m not going to give into that repeating cycle, even as much as I might enjoy the television viewing aspect of it.  I’m tired, and I want to go to bed soon, so no TV for me tonight.  And, as I say, probably not tomorrow, either, to give myself a chance to try and catch up on rest.  But we are expecting a winter storm to move in Thursday, so the Wednesday nightly weather report could be helpful, but I’ll just check it on the computer quickly, or have Brian watch and let me know what to expect. 

So, for two days, no TV and extra rest; I think that sounds like a really good plan.  But if you’re wondering why only two days off, when I could probably get really caught up on my rest (not to mention studying for finals) if I pushed my boycott just a few days longer, well, that’s an easy answer:  Thursday will bring with it a new episode of White Collar, and we all know Peter and Neal come first, right?

So from my strangely quiet living room, I will bid you good night.