Saturday, December 14, 2013

Feel Good Friday, December 13


I think you probably would have to have been living under a social media rock to miss these things I want to share with you, as they seem to have been everywhere this week, but I think they’re worth sharing again.  Especially on a day that saw both a man arrested for plotting to blow up an airport, and another school shooting.  It’s definitely a day for wondering what the world is coming to, and I think there are far too many of those lately, so it’s nice to be reminded that decency and goodness still exist in the world.

This first video is an excerpt from What Would You Do?, and really does help to restore my faith in humanity, though the haters have already pointed out that most of the people didn’t do anything.  It’s still nice to know some of them did.

And this second video could easily be labeled a self-serving publicity stunt, but I don’t care.  It makes me feel good.  And, more important, it made a lot of people feel good, first those involved, and second, the millions of people who’ve watched and shared.  Advertising stunt?  Sure.  But so what?  In fact, I hope this airline reaps some benefit from it, because this sort of fun and kindness should be rewarded.


I hope you enjoyed those, and here’s hoping to an upcoming week filled with more feel good moments than not.