Friday, December 20, 2013

Putting Off Until Tomorrow


So, apparently there are some psychologists who believe that chronic procrastination is a disease or disorder of some sort. 

I’ve been thinking about this today because, as is the case just about every year around this time, the only presents that have been wrapped are the ones that I must put in the mail tomorrow (December 20th, mind you), and I’m not even 100% certain that all my shopping is done.  And let’s not even talk about the list of to-dos for both holiday and vacation—I think there are maybe two things checked off, with about another twenty still to do.

Life would be simpler if I dealt with things more promptly; I am quite certain this is true.  So, the fact that I still end up putting things off time and time again seems like maybe it is just a little bit crazy.  Honestly, I’d be okay with that, if it were true, as long as they could then find a cure.  But, then, I’d probably never find time for the treatment.