Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snapshot Sunday, December 15


Generally speaking, when I’m snapping pictures for the photo a day challenge, I use my phone.  Even though I have “real cameras”, as Brian likes to call them, the phone usually wins the job simply by virtue of convenience; it is never far from my hand.

Unfortunately, I think that convenience may have had a detrimental effect on the phone itself.  For a while now—maybe a couple of weeks—I’ve been getting a message that it could no longer conduct a backup because it was too full.  And then for the past day or so, the camera has not been working as it should.  The app would frequently force close, meaning I’d have to take a shot multiple times before it would actually capture a picture.  It was really annoying.  So, today, I finally decided I had to take the time to clear up some memory space and see if that was the cause of the problem.  The good news is that it may have solved the camera problem:  the app didn’t force close even once during multiple test shots, and images were captured on the first try, just like they should be.  The bad news, though, is that as my memory has been filling up, my phone has been filing photos away in random places rather than in sequential folders like it normally does.  I was sort of keeping up with them while they were on the device, but now that I’ve moved them all to a computer file, it’s a big jumble.

And what does all that have to do with Snapshot Sunday?  Well, of course, that means that my daily photos are now needles in a digital haystack, and I haven’t had the time today to dig them out and make sense of it all.  So, today’s pictures will instead be just a couple of snaps from the company Christmas party from last night, taken with one of the “real” cameras.

12 oaks


  We had a totally scrumptious dinner at a place called Twelve Oaks.  According to their website, the owner had always wanted to own a restaurant, and a couple of decades ago or so, he bought this beautiful house, had it moved to a remote and peaceful location, and turned it into his dream.  It’s cozy and just a little bit fancy all at once.  And did I mention the food was scrumptious?   


Company Christmas

More than the food, though, the really great thing is to be working at a place where employees are mostly valued.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had that, and it’s truly something to celebrate.  Not that the office doesn’t have its issues—what office doesn’t?  But for the most part, everyone gets along, tries to help each other, and we laugh every day.  That’s more important than you might think.

Happy upcoming Monday to you all.