Sunday, July 15, 2012

Like a Phoenix From the Ashes, but Maybe Not so Dramatic


You know how it is when you’re browsing the web and you read one blog/article, then click to another and another and another, and suddenly you don’t even know how you got to where you are?  (You do know how that is, right?  It can’t just be me.)  Other than the time that seems to get lost during these sessions, I can’t really complain about them, but it is still a strange phenomenon. 

At any rate, it was just such a click-fest that led me yesterday to musodad, and a post he had up about Blog Post Album of the Year 2012.  He was launching a contest, encouraging bloggers to put together their 12 favorite posts of all time into an album of sorts, and then readers would vote on the best.  Well, as it turns out, his most recent post—back in March—said he was calling it quits on his blog, so one has to assume there is no more Album of the Year contest going on.

However, I still thought it was an interesting idea, to put forth a collection of archived entries that you might be particularly fond of, let them see the light of day again.  I mean, let’s face it:  once a post loses its top spot, it starts losing ground.  And, once it’s five or more posts back, it’s become ancient history.  And for a lot of posts—at least a lot of mine—that’s okay.  But there are some that might be worth re-visiting.  Maybe it’s your best writing, or maybe it’s just a topic that’s really important to you.  Heck, maybe it just made you laugh and you want to see it again.

The rules from musodad were pretty simple: 

1) Give your album a name, and design a cover

2) Choose 12 entries, and list “sleeve notes” to go along with the track titles

That’s it.  (Well, there were rules about linking up and such, but again, I think we can safely assume that’s moot at this point.)

I know that I’ve been exposed to a lot of new sites this month during the Ultimate Blog Challenge, but I haven’t read very far back into anyone’s archives, even when I have really enjoyed what they’re posting now.  I don’t imagine I’m alone in that, especially given that some authors have been writing a really long time, and have a lot of archives.  But I’d be more inclined to browse around if I knew what they considered to be worth looking back at.

So, I’m posting my compilation “album” (I’m certainly not going to be brazen enough to label it my “greatest hits”), a gathering of some of the posts that speak to me—and, hopefully, to some of you.  Most of these are pretty old, though there are some more recent ones, too.  And, even if there’s no more hosted contest, I hope maybe some others will be inclined to do the same.

And, now, I introduce to you, Bits of Me . . .

Bits of Me

So it Begins 

My first post ever, because it seems such a compilation should begin at the beginning

Virtual Life

Some thoughts about online relationships

Well, I Meant it at the Time

Mild grousing from someone who sometimes feels older every day

Generation Gap

A trip to the bookstore with my son

Part of Me

A few words about writing

Someone Who Inspires You

Maybe I could be her when I grow up

Pieces of Childhood

Thoughts on celebrity passings, and why it matters

Buy Me Some Peanuts

A trip to the ballpark

Carpe Diem

Pondering life and death

You Can’t Go Back Again

A moment of holiday melancholy

The Simple Things

While waiting for the huge moments, don’t forget to recognize the small ones

Down Memory Lane, or, Crossing Traffic in a Ditch

Sometimes you can go back


So, that’s it.  A collection of pieces that maybe tell you a little bit more about me and my world view.  As you have time, I hope maybe you’ll visit and we’ll get to know each other just a little bit better.

What posts would be on your album?  Be sure to let me know if you create one.