Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Good Things

Success is a journey, not a destination.”  ~Arthur Ashe

Here we are, July 31st.  It’s the end of the month; summer is two-thirds done.  And for my fellow UBCers, this represents the end of the month-long challenge to truly focus on our blogs by writing and publishing a post every day.  I feel fortunate that I managed to keep up my daily posting, and I end this challenge with 35 entries.  I will display my completion badge with pride.

But, from what I’ve observed, everyone who participated in the challenge was successful.  Everywhere I looked, I saw comments that writers were posting more diligently than they’d done in the past, regardless of their schedule or final count.  I heard readers who commented on the new and exciting things they’ve learned this month.  I saw business owners making plans and making contacts.  I saw individuals coming together to support the group.  And I saw people making new friends.  All of that could be nothing less than successful.

So, it will be just a tiny bit bittersweet when I paste that new ribbon over on the side of the page, because I recognize that something good is coming to an end.  Without the push of the challenge, it’s likely that many of us will drift back to our own corners of the world.  Oh, some will drop back in on the group page, and hope to find others still there.  And, of course, I’ve popped some of my favorite new blogs into my reader so that I can easily keep up with what’s going on with the people I’ve become so interested in this month.  I’m not too proud to hope that maybe one or two have done the same with my blog.  But, it seems likely it will not be the same. 

So before we go our separate ways, I send sincere thanks to my fellow participants, for being part of such an engaging few weeks, and hope that we’ll meet again in October.  And, I hope that you will all remember just how successful July has really been.