Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s a Fiver: From Social Media Humor to Frivolous Dreams



Somehow, I’m always a little surprised when Friday rolls around again.  It’s true what they say about not having a strict schedule:  days to tend to blur.  five question friday

But, Friday it is, so that means it’s time for another visit with Mama M and her famous five questions.  Between 5QF and blog games/awards, it seems that I’ve been answering a lot of random questions of late, so if you’re tired of hearing my views on such arbitrary minutiae, this might be a good time to wander elsewhere.  On the other hand, you can’t really be all that surprised.  I mean, the site is called “Idle Chatter”, so it’s right there in my header, for goodness sake.   It’s like truth in advertising, right?  (“Ages three and up.  It’s on my box!”  Gold star for those who recognize the mostly unrelated quote.)

Anyway, if you want to join in with 5QF, click the picture up there, or add yourself to the linky below.  In the meantime, here we go . . .


1. What is the funniest thing you saw on Facebook/twitter this week?

It wasn’t funny in and of itself, but . . .  Anyway, there’s a Facebook page for folks playing along in the daily photo challenge.  The day’s theme was heart, and a member posted a pic of heart she’d constructed.  Turns out it was made out of packing peanuts, but I thought it was Cap’n Crunch.  I’d say it’s my love of kid cereals again, but I wasn’t the only one who thought it.  See?  Not really funny at all, now that I’ve said it out loud (virtually speaking).  A definite “had to be there” moment.

2. What is your favorite Olympic event?

Don’t hate me, but I’m not an Olympic fan.  There are some I dislike less than others, I suppose, but none are my favorite.  But I’ll cheer for the good ol’ USofA whenever we’re on the field.  Or court.  Or whatever. 

3. Do your kids do chores around the house? If so, what are they and how old are the children? Do they get paid for them?

My “kid” is 20, and he was better with chores 14 years ago!  Maybe I should go back to construction paper charts with stickers.  Winking smile

4. If you get bad service/food do you complain or keep quiet?

I typically keep quiet, especially about the service.  Food can be corrected if it’s been prepared wrong, but complaining about bad service is unlikely to accomplish much.  And, I spent a lot of time in customer service with people only complaining about “bad” service because they wanted something for free; it’s rare that I get treated so badly that I think I deserve some sort of financial compensation.  And, on that rare occasion, Brian doesn’t have any problem speaking up, so I’m covered!

5. If you could pick ONE frivolous item for your home, what would it be? (massive room sized closet? swimming pool? greenhouse? etc...)

Well, I’m a little spoiled.  I’ve already got a swimming pool, and my closet is at least the size of a small room (though it’s hard to tell right now because of all the crap jammed in there!).  But, even if I didn’t have those things, I think what I’d want is a theater room.  You know, wall-sized TV, amazing sound system, big, plush recliner seats, popcorn and soda machines in the back corner, the whole deal.  I’d like that an awful lot.

That’s it.  If you’ve stayed with me this far, thanks!  And if you don’t want to play along officially, just leave me your answers in the comments below.  As we’ve established, I’m all about the random chatter.