Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Photos, Day 2—Busy


Honestly, in the months that I’ve been unemployed, I’ve had far fewer busy days than I have in my entire adult life.  And, if we’re still being honest, I don’t really mind that too much.  But today, I actually had quite a few things on my to-do list:

  • Week 8, Day 1 of C25K
  • Drive up to Rose State to try and move along the enrollment process
  • Grocery shopping for 4th supplies
  • Stop by a couple stores to pick up Brian’s anniversary present(s)
  • Check the job listings (a daily task these days)
  • Laundry
  • De-clutter desk
  • Start again on photo scanning project

So, yeah, I had quite a few things on my plate.  I hadn’t quite decided how that was going to materialize as the daily photo prompt, but I figured something would present itself somewhere along the way.

However, since I was up until after 4:00 yesterday morning (for no particularly good reason), my busy day began by sleeping until almost noon.  Then, as soon as I got up, I had a couple of texts from Brian looking for a bit of information, and asking that I go ahead and reserve his return flight home for the weekend.  I was in the middle of that task when I got a call from the Meals on Wheels folks saying my Granny hadn’t been feeling well enough today to come to the door to get her meal.  A quick phone call confirmed that she was, indeed, seriously under the weather.

So, I quickly changed into some normal clothes (I’d dressed for my first task, the workout), and headed over to Granny’s house.  Turns out her blood sugar was dangerously low, causing her to be too weak to even get out of bed.  Her home nurse came by to confirm nothing more drastic, and I spent the day mostly sitting on my butt at her house, only occasionally moving to take her some orange juice and check to make sure she was sleeping okay.  And, now, just before 2:00am, I’m still sitting in her living room, and I just woke her up for another glass of juice.  Needless to say, absolutely nothing on my list has been checked off.  (I did manage to hit ‘confirm’ on Brian’s flight reservation, though, before I ran out the door to Granny’s.)  Hopefully at least some of it can get accomplished tomorrow.

Thankfully, my sister came by for a while after she got off work, and I had time to run home and grab some stuff for my overnight stay.  In addition to my toothbrush and change of clothes, I took the time to grab my laptop, camera, and exercise DVD.  I spent the last hour of the day being busy getting my sweat on.  Thank goodness for contingency plans.


Had any days lately that just went completely off-track?  Did you manage to salvage them?



  1. hope shell be ok
    Im praying

    1. Thanks for the prayers. Glad to say recovery was *almost* as quick as the illness. She's not quite back to her full self just yet, but was well enough today that she could get around on her own again.