Saturday, June 4, 2011

Part of Me

I need to write something.  I’m not sure what (and I’m guessing this post won’t cut it), but something. 

In this year of trying to reclaim control of my life, I still haven’t made time for one of the most essential parts of me.  I’m continuing on my weight loss journey (down 34 pounds and over 15 inches), but that’s not the only important part of me.

I’m also trying to get myself back on the right track at work—staying motivated and putting my heart into things again—but that’s not all of me, either.

So, maybe I need to re-commit to updating this blog more frequently. Or the other that I sometimes play with, which is about my other passion, television.  Maybe that will be a start.

But I know I have to do something, because in a year that’s supposed to be about me, I still feel like I’m missing one of the most important parts.