Monday, July 9, 2012

What Sundays Were Meant to Be (July Photos, Day 8)


I had thought that maybe Brian and I would go out for a nice lunch somewhere today.  After all, he’s been gone for a week, and we were apart on our anniversary; a decent meal out seemed like a pretty good idea.  Besides, it would help me out with today’s photo prompt to have a nice steak and salad or something—that strikes me as a fairly photogenic meal.

As it turns out, though, that was not on Brian’s agenda.  And, since he’s the one who’s had the horrendous week and is still grieving, he definitely gets to pick.  So, we did what folks do on weekends and ran a couple of necessary errands, then returned home for the day.  We fired up the grill and had some hot dogs and just sat outside for a really long time.

It was nice just to be together, chat a little bit, and mostly just relax.  While he’s definitely way ahead of me in the reasons-to-be-stressed category this week, I haven’t exactly been having a walk in the park myself.  A low-key afternoon was just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

And we spent a lot of the time with our attention focused on my shiny new bird feeder, hoping we’d see some flying critters come by for a snack.  And, our time was well spent, with maybe a dozen birds dropping by over the course of the afternoon.  We even had a cardinal visit the feeder, but that was before I had my camera with me. 

So, while I was prepared with a perfectly functional picture of my yummy, low-key hot dogs . . .


I much preferred the shot of one of our feathered friends enjoying his repast:

8.  Lunch














Really, I’m not sure Sundays get much better than this.

What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday?


  1. That sounds heavenly, and probably better for de-stressing and healing hearts than any lunch out could ever be!

    1. Absolutely right about that, Holly; I think I might've been more relaxed today than I've been in a month! And thanks for dropping by.

  2. nice photos :) yummy :)

    my thoughts and prayers are with you both

    1. Thanks, Jen; we're hanging in. Appreciate the thoughts.