Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Bit of Sunshine


I’ve been a little down lately.  Nothing major, just too many days sitting around the house, I think.  I’m pretty sure that I’m past the point of wishing I still had my old job, but I’m certainly not done wishing I had a job.  And I’m definitely looking forward to starting classes next month, just to give myself something more constructive than doing the dishes and cooking dinner.

So today is just a reminder for myself, and anyone else who’s maybe feeling stuck inside themselves right now.  The key to getting out of this kind of funk is to forget about yourself for just a minute and put some effort into someone else.  Do a good deed.  Make someone smile.  Something—anything-that brings a moment of pleasure to someone other than yourself.  It’s amazing how quickly your outlook can change.  I know this to be true; I just need to remember it on days when I need a little sunshine.