Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letters and Updates


Time for another confession:  I’m not much of a fan of “grown-up” cereal.  And, even after 26 years of marriage, my husband still laughs about my fondness for the kid stuff.  I can’t help it; cereal should be sweet and tasty, not dull and stringy.

So, when today’s photo prompt was “letter”, I figured nothing could be easier than walking into the kitchen and pulling out the box of Alpha-Bits. 

11.  LetterI would’ve actually preferred to spell out the word ‘letter’, but either I’ve already eaten all the Es, or my box was poorly packed to begin with.   Either way, can you imagine what would’ve happened if I’d only had Special K or Fiber One in the pantry? 

And, after the photo shoot, I got a bit of a snack.

Next up on today’s conversation list is a minor update to the blog itself.  Thanks to several comments from the UBC group, and with some help from a post from Kimberly, I’ve decided to switch my comment platform over to CommentLuv.  I’ve visited blogs that use this system, and it seems pretty straight-forward from the commenter’s stand-point, with the added bonus for other bloggers of leaving a link back to their most recent post.  Seems like a winning idea to me, so I’m giving it a try.

If you are inclined to comment, I’d appreciate hearing if it goes smoothly for you, since it is a new system, and all.  I think I followed instructions properly, but you never know when the gremlins are going to get loose in the machine.  Especially when installation was handled by a middle-aged woman with a fondness for kid’s cereal.