Saturday, October 5, 2013

Facebook Friday, October 4


Okay, I’m going to try really hard not to fall asleep after I write this tonight, since apparently I am really bad about doing that!

Anyway, medication or not, I still know what I saw on Facebook this week that caught my attention:

Heartless B Word of a Daughter: Grandpa Pens Viral Letter Disowning His Daughter for Kicking Her Gay Son Out of the House


My first instinct was to simply cheer the grandfather for the support of the grandson, but it does occur to me that  the mother in this situation is being treated essentially as Chad was—totally dismissed by her parent simply for who she is.  Clearly, the circumstances are not really the same; as Dad points out, Christie could choose to be more open-minded and accepting, but the end result ends up essentially the same. 

And, of course, the cynic is me always wonders how such things make their way to the web, which has to make you question their authenticity just a little bit, especially when—typically speaking—the younger generation tends to be the more open-minded about social issues, so it’s unusual (at least in my experience) to see an older person ahead of the younger family member.  Still, if it’s even close to an accurate representation of drama going on in someone’s family, you have to be glad that Chad has someone in his corner.

ps:  I didn’t fall asleep tonight after writing, but during.  Stupid medicine!  But I am going to make sure I stay awake long enough to hit publish.