Sunday, October 13, 2013

Extra Time


I have to say that one of the unexpected perks of my job is an office that’s closed on all the federal holidays.  It’s sort of like extra time.  In my customer service life, I frequently didn’t even get all the major holidays off, much less things like tomorrow’s Columbus Day.  It’s nice to get a long weekend, and nicer still to have an extra day to spend hanging out with Brian.

Of course, it’s the very idea that we’re never open when the courthouse is closed that gives us a little bit of apprehension wondering what’s going to happen come Tuesday, when the judiciary apparently runs out of money and will have to make the decision about whether they’ll remain open through the remainder of the government shutdown.  We might find out the downside of that particular perk.

Still, Tuesday will come soon enough, and worrying about it isn’t going to change whatever might happen, so I think that I will just enjoy sleeping in an extra day, and maybe have a nice lunch with the hubs before I have to go off to class for the evening.  (Yeah, still have to go to school tomorrow, sad to say, but fall break happens later in the week, so only a couple of days of classes.)  Maybe we’ll even see if there’s a good matinee movie showing or something.  Have to make the extra time count.