Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Song for Bernadette


If I’ve never said it before—though I probably have—comedies really are just about my least favorite genre.  They’re very difficult to get right, and even more difficult to keep right week after week, year after year.  There are exceptions to every rule, though, and one of the other things I’ve probably said in the past is that The Big Bang Theory is definitely an exception.  It’s into season seven now, and I still find it just as funny and enjoyable as I did in the beginning. 

The secret is that it’s not really about the situations or even really about the humor, but it’s all about the characters.  Some shows never get that, regardless of genre.  Because funny only works in the long-term if you care about the people in the funny situations.  BBT gives us people to care about.  And, besides that, every once in a while they give us a really sweet moment—one that can even bring a tear to the eye, and how often does that happen in a comedy?

If you don’t watch BBT and don’t really know Howard Wolowitz, this might not be quite as meaningful for you, but surely you can still appreciate a nerd who actually got his dream girl, right?  Besides, is there anything more romantic than being told that without you, your significant other would be like Doctor Who without the TARDIS?  I think not.