Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Noteworthy Day


It’s been a nice day.  A quiet morning at work, then a quick lunch with the co-workers before we headed off to a seminar for the rest of the day.  I enjoyed the seminar, too, though I think some of my co-workers were less than impressed.  Still, as I noted on Facebook, it’s just one more reminder of the fact that I really am something of a nerd.  But, really, I was learning new stuff about a topic I’m interested in, and I was being paid to sit there and do it.  Oh, and I even won a $20 Target gift card.  Score.

Then, Brian had already eaten dinner before I got home, so I made a quick trip through the drive-through for dinner, and they even managed to get my order right, and that’s always a plus.

After dinner, BFF Kim called and we got to have a nice little chat, which we don’t get to do all that often these days because of our conflicting schedules. 

Finally, I hung up the phone just about three minutes before the season premiere of White Collar, so I had time to settle in and get comfy before Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey returned to my screen.  Oh, and it was a good episode, too.  A nice set-up for the drama we’ll see unfold over the season.

At the beginning of the year, I started a jar to hold notes that memorialize the good things that happen in life—you know, the little things that you might forget over time but that brought a smile to your face at the time.  I hate to admit that I’ve gotten away from taking the time to make those notes and drop into my jar, so it’s not nearly as full as it could be, but today is exactly the sort of day the jar was made for, and I’m going to make a note as soon as I finish this post. 

Really, the day was nothing spectacular; I didn’t win the lottery, get a big raise or a new car, didn’t even have any sort of grand adventure.  It’s the kind of day that will probably fade from memory before too much time has passed.  But that’s too bad, because it really was a nice day.