Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preparing for Changes

My son has decided he’s moving to California.  He broke this news to me about a month ago, and set a move date of May 1.  Well, as things turned out, he’s not quite ready, but it looks like it will be sometime this week.  I’m trying really hard to be the supportive mom—and, in truth, I can’t say I was completely surprised; he’s never tried to hide his dissatisfaction with living in Oklahoma—but it’s really hard.  I mean, he’s my little boy, and it’s going to be really hard knowing that getting together for lunch will no longer be a matter of just juggling schedules, but will require major logistical planning and involve hundreds of dollars.  I don’t really like that idea one little bit.

Still, it seems to be something he has to do, and I’d never want to stand in the way of him pursuing a chance at happiness.  So, I’m trying to steel myself for the upcoming day, trying to figure out how I’ll feel watching him drive away, and how I’m going to manage a goodbye without a major meltdown.  I’m honestly not sure it’s going to be possible.