Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Photos, Day 26—12 O’Clock


Every day holds two opportunities to capture what’s happening when the clock hands are straight up, but my midnight activities tend to be fairly consistent:  watching TV most often, though sometimes—like now—I’m spending time during the first hour of the new day blogging. 

But neither of those are particularly exciting photo ops, so that left left me with noon.  As it happens, I had to buy a new printer on Friday (don’t get me started on the way computer peripherals get outdated as you update the computer itself), so Saturday afternoon I was still figuring out how to use it properly.

26.  12 o'clock

  I only have a couple of specific needs out of my printer (beyond basic printing, of course, but I figure most all of them can get that done):  I need to be able to save a document directly to a PDF file, and—most important of all—I need to be able to scan multiple photos and save them as separate files.  In the category of bells and whistles, these things don’t seem all that spectacular to me, but apparently not all machines are able.

So, while I did the basic set up and tested actual printing on Friday night, Saturday I had to make sure I could scan and save photos properly.  Naturally, it was nothing readily apparent, but with a bit of reading, I did find the right buttons to choose the proper settings and get it done.  Might not be the most exciting way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to get back to my project of digitizing all my old printed pictures, so it was a critical undertaking.  I’m glad I could call it a success.


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    1. I've mentioned that I love gadgets, right? Due to budget considerations, this is not the time I would've chosen to buy a new printer, but I can't deny it's fun to get new toys!