Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Photos, Day 4--Fun

This spring I must've taken a thousand pictures of butterflies. I haven't actually counted the ones that are really good, but I'm pretty sure I've got more than enough fingers to do the job. Still, when I get one that I really enjoy, it's a great feeling. And even when the results aren't that great, it's always fun to try.

So, that was my "official" entry to the challenge, but something else fun happened today, too.

While on my walk this evening, I happened upon a snake in the roadway.

Well, that's not really the fun part. I mean, it's a snake. And it was a big snake. Yuk.

But, while I was there taking his photo a few (dozen) times, the owner of the yard he was slithering in came out to see what I was up to. (A reasonable concern when there's a stranger standing in front of your house with a camera for no apparent reason.)

Anyway, turns out the homeowner's name was John, and he knew the snake was a bull snake. He also assured me it was a "nice snake". Not that it mattered to me; I wasn't getting any closer than my telephoto. But John wanted to move the snake away from the possibility of a premature death by traffic, and he let me take his picture with the thing.

So I not only got to see a creepy big snake, but I met a nice neighbor in the process. What could be more fun than that?

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  1. Walking is just plain discover the best things! I had a great time on my walk today, too.

  2. cool!!!!!!!!!
    you sound like me when it comes to snakes :)

  3. I agree! In addition to John, I chatted with another neighbor about a turtle. I usually walk earlier in the day when everyone is at work or doing whatever they do, so it was nice to see some folks on my stroll. Keep on walking!

  4. Jen, I am not particularly a "girly girl", but snakes still give me the heebie jeebies. It made me feel better that hubby looked at the pics and said there was no way he would've touched that thing either!

  5. I think snakes are fun...nice snakes anyway!

    1. Nicki, I admire those of you who can find the good in the scaly, slithery members of the animal kingdom. I'm much more partial to the cute, cuddly variety.