Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Photos, Day 22—Pink


Having never been much of a girly-girl, I thought today’s topic might prove sort of difficult.  I’m pretty sure I don’t even have a pink shirt, much less any pictures, knick-knacks, or what-have-you.  And certainly no make-up or nail polish.  Not a girly-girl, remember?

But, it didn’t take too long in my daily wanderings to see all sorts of possible subjects.  I snapped photos of baby clothes, wildflowers, bags of cotton candy . . . all varying shades of girlish pink. 

But, while I prefer cotton candy, jelly beans made a much better model, and that’s how entries get decided.

22.  Pink

So it is that Jelly Belly jelly beans—bubblegum flavor—became today’s subject.  Look pretty yummy, don’t you think?  Even non girly-girls can be swayed by sweet candies.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm always tricked by jelly beans. They look so good, and they're tiny, so I feel like I could eat a hundred of them. But the truth is, they are almost always too sweet for my taste, so just a couple do me in. Though, I must confess, Jelly Bellies are definitely the best.

    2. you so much better than me then my friend LOL