Monday, May 21, 2012

May Photos, Day 20—Something You Can’t Live Without


Well, there’s the obvious, of course—family, friends, enough money for food/clothing/shelter. 

But, today’s choice is a little more futuristic than those time-honored items—electronic gadgets.

20.  Something you can't live without

I suppose I could live without these things; after all, I managed for a good portion of my life.  But the idea of making do without them now is a little bit terrifying.  After all, these are the items that keep me in touch with those aforementioned family and friends.  I can’t really say that they do much for the money aspect of things, though when I was working, I did use the computer and phone for higher productivity, so maybe that counts a little bit. 

Mostly, though, they’re the way I stay connected with the people close to me and the world as a whole, and living without that ease of communication is something I don’t even want to try.


  1. how did we ever manage years ago ??

    just on here in a very limited way
    although I have updated my blog a bit

    I miss whats going on with my friends from all over the place

    1. Seriously . . . intellectually, I *know* that I spent the greatest majority of my lifetime without any of these technological marvels, but the idea of making do without them now sends me into some sort of apoplectic fit. :-) I can't imagine how the younger generation feels, given that they've never known anything else.