Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating the Blessed Life (May Photos, Day 27)



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I would be remiss if I didn’t take time during this holiday weekend to remember the reason it is a holiday at all.  We are blessed in this country to have a group of Armed Services who are willing to protect the liberties that we so often take for granted.  But the sad reality of such a courageous group of men and women is that when they walk into harm’s way, not all of them return home.  From the earliest days of America, continuing to this very moment, we have service members risking their lives in service to our country, and I am grateful for all they do.  So it’s the least I can do to publicly take a moment to thank them for their service and sacrifice, and pray that those who paid the ultimate price know that their countrymen are grateful.

As is our way around here, we commemorate such occasions as Memorial Day by enjoying the freedoms with which we’ve been blessed.  We spend the weekend relaxing, hanging out with family and friends, cooking out, and anything else that seems like it would be just plain fun.  Today, I honored that tradition.

The day was beautiful—unusually calm, bright sun but mild temperatures—just about perfect for sitting on the deck by the pool with family and enjoying loads of food.  Both my sisters joined us, along with the brothers-in-law and my 13 year old nephew.  We ate, and talked, and laughed for hours; it was great.

Memorial Day Cookout


                                               The family










And as for the daily photo, I mentioned the mounds of food, right?  Finding “something sweet” wasn’t a problem.

27.  Something Sweet

For those of you celebrating this weekend, I hope that your gatherings have been as enjoyable as mine. 

And for those of you serving, as well as the families left with only memories, I thank you.

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  1. pleased youre having a nice weekend
    and yum your sweet picture looks yummy!!!!!!!!!