Monday, May 14, 2012

May Photos, Day 14—Grass


Sometimes the simplest prompts can prove to be the most difficult, and so it was today. 

First, there’s the problem that most of the grass around our house is really just a bunch of mowed weeds, so it’s not all that photogenic.  Secondly, while I’ve had my DSLR for almost a year, I’m still using the lenses we had with our old 35mm camera, primarily a third party lens rather than a dedicated Sony.  Unfortunately, one of the things I’ve discovered is that the macro function just doesn’t seem to work like it should, and for something like grass, I really would’ve preferred a greater macro functionality.

So, I took several, trying to find a look that I thought was decent.  Here a few of the rejected entries.

                 DSC07942                                                   DSC07946



Not so great, are they?  Yeah, I didn’t think so, either.  But, really, the final chosen one wasn’t all that exciting, either, so I decide to play around a bit more than usual with the editing.  Today, I was using PicMonkey, which is rapidly becoming my favorite.

Before and after.  Thank goodness for PicMonkey.

DSC07951                  14.  Grass

Don’t you wish everything could be tinkered with like that, so life could be made just what you want?


  1. I quite like the shot with the flower

    I like your before and after photos :)

    1. Thanks. I had high hopes for the flower shot, but it didn't quite capture what I was after. Happens a lot with me, which is why I was amazingly glad when digital photos were invented!