Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wellness Wednesday, July 2


You can tell I’m out of practice with this blogging thing; I was actually on my way to bed when I remembered I hadn’t posted yet today.  So, the snoozing will have to wait for just a little bit longer.

Back when I was posting regularly, this day of the week was reserved for either Weight Loss or Wellness Wednesday, mostly depending on whether or not I felt like I was making the progress I needed to make.  But, the truth is, I’ve lost and found the same five or six pounds for months now, so I have to say that, no, I’m not really making a bunch of progress.

But I’ve got an overall health issue at the moment that is undoubtedly contributing to a whole bunch of things, including the tenacity with which those five pounds—and so many others—are hanging on.  And, I’ll apologize in advance if this falls into the category of TMI, but the truth is, I am a woman of a certain age, and it seems that this is the time for my body to “change”, as they say.

Like most women, I’ve heard stories, and this phase of life has not been something to look forward to.  Especially since I was old enough to remember my mother having a hysterectomy, which caused her—and the rest of us—some unpleasant days.

<Small foray: I’m so out of practice with this blogging thing, I just fell asleep here on the couch.  I must’ve been more tired than I realized. Let me try this again.>

So, anyway, while I may not have (yet?) been turned into a total crank-fest due to these changing hormones, I do struggle with other emotions, particularly finding that I am on the verge of tears often, and anxious pretty much all the time. 

And hot?  Oh my goodness.  For someone who’s spent most of her life being cold, this being hot thing is taking some getting used to.  I’ll admit, there have been some times when I sort of enjoyed it, like when I no longer have to bundle up just to sit in a theater for a couple of hours, but for the most part, it’s been incredibly annoying.  Plus, my electric bill has probably increased by about 25% just trying to keep myself comfortable!

But, the point of bringing this up here on Wellness Wednesday is not just to rattle off a list of menopausal symptoms (and this is really only a partial list!), but to say that while these changes have to be recognized and accepted as a natural part of aging for women, they don’t have to be the end of any sort of fitness quest.  The pounds may be a little more stubborn these days, but I’ve lost a few inches, and it’s nice to have a little extra breathing room in my jeans.  I still try to hit the gym three times a week, though I’ve mostly had to give up on wearing the rubberized clothing designed to generate additional heat during a workout, since nature has got that covered for me these days.  And I’m still trying to make better choices about calorie intake, along with making sure I get at least 100 ounces of water daily.  I’m convinced that these things are probably making this change of life less of a challenge than it might otherwise have been, and I think that’s a good thing.

Of course, as I would encourage anyone to do, I have visited with my doctor about any possible options for some relief from some of the symptoms that are truly impacting the quality of life, though other health concerns have limited those options for me.  I’ll be scouting around for other options that might exist to make myself feel better on a daily basis, and I’ll keep trying to do the things that I can do, too.  And for the other women out there dealing with this change, or dreading dealing with it in years to come, I’ll just say to hang in there.  I’ve still got a long ways to go before I come out the other side, but I know that I’ll get there, and if I can make it through, I’m pretty sure anyone can.  And as for losing the weight?  Don’t count me out yet!