Monday, July 28, 2014



Maybe we’re finally getting closer to having a national law allowing medical marijuana.  Thank goodness. 

Not that I’m a pothead or anything, you know, just that I think our society has a whole bunch more important things to focus on than prosecuting—and persecuting—folks self-medicating with a little weed.  And, honestly, I’d be okay with recreational legalization, too, because I just haven’t yet found anything that convinces me that marijuana is significantly worse than the country’s drug of choice, alcohol. 

But let’s take the recreational aspect out of it for a minute.  Seriously, what can be the harm of medicinal access?  Our pharmacies shell out far more dangerous substances every hour of every day under the banner of “medicine”, so surely there can’t really be that much of a health risk.  And gateway drugs and all?  Honestly, I’m not sure I entirely buy it.  But with legalization will also come more regulation, and undoubtedly more availability of help for anyone who finds themselves addicted to any drug, which means eventually, we might actually reduce the numbers of users.  Maybe.

But really, I think all you have to do is think about all the people who actually stand to benefit from this change.  Who are we—any of us—to tell the sick and/or dying that they aren’t allowed access to a treatment that could end their suffering?  Can we really be so wrapped up in the terrible things that might happen that we ignore the great things that we know will happen?  An end to even one person’s suffering has to be worth the risks in legalizing.  That’s what I’d think if it was my mom, or grandmother, or son who needed access to this treatment, and it’s still what I think if it’s your loved one. This is an easy choice; I’m hoping we’re ready to make the right one.